Patch Notes for 2.1.1

🧟🧟🧟🧟 resurrection 🧟🧟🧟🧟

* The site's live again
* I tweaked some of the text
* Removed the MemeDB link
* Fixed a couple bugs

Patch Notes for 2.1.0

It's actually happening

* MemeDB is live
* Placed link to MemeDB in main nav

Patch Notes for 2.0.4

Nighttime Browsing Mode

* It is not perfect let me tell you

Patch Notes for 2.0.3

Raid Balancing

* Added probe / drone to sc case
* Fixed bug that wasn't counting the defending players pets properly when determining if a player was allowed to raid another player

Patch Notes for 2.0.2

Raid Balancing

* Pet att / def strength difference affetcs raid success chance a lot more
* The limit at which one can attack another player has been decreased
* Viewing your own raid defence no longer shows busy pets as defending

Patch Notes for 2.0.1

Display fixes

* Fixed Raid boss pet images being squished
* Fixed endless decimal values being displayed on raid pages

Patch Notes for 2.0.0

Official Beta Release

* New domain! Update your bookmarks / links!
* Account progress wiped
* Implemented raiding
* Cat Daddy J-Pet released
* Drone J-Pet released
* Hostie J-Pet released
* Chiken J-Pet released
* Gabe the Dog J-Pet released
* Pet balancing
* Pet rarities
* Feed all button
* Feeding no longer requires actions
* New homepage
* Navigation menu updated
* Feature request working
* Shop page visual update
* Allow marking J-Petz as defenders
* Fix numerous cases where pages didn't handle empty content very well