Question of the Day

Riddle me this...

Can I axe you a question?

If this is taking forever, the page probably isn't finished yet!

Suggest a question!

  1. Go to StrawPoll.
  2. Make a question.
  3. Look in the URL for your finished question. Find the poll ID (it's the string of numbers!)
  4. Copy and paste JUST the numbers into the box below, and submit!

Easy as 1-2-3 (4). Once approved, your question will enter daily rotation. First come first serve!

Moderator Guidelines - For your reading pleasure

  1. No political questions. Final ruling on that one.
  2. No questions which groups may find seriously offensive (satire is funny - mocking is not).
  3. Avoid re-posts (if you've noticed the question has run before, please don't).
  4. No questions where all the answers are the same, or variations of each other. While the question itself may be interesting, answering it is not.
  5. Have fun!